Welcome to the website where size doesn't matter. In a world of big worries and potential problems, sometimes it's nice to dwell on the little things. Distraction and denial can get a girl through the day, you know. Pull up a chair, poke around, see what suits your fancy.

Project Me
What website wouldn't be complete without a few self-absorbed sentiments? That's this whole site, you say? Think again, because it's about to get worse. Take a peep at my online journal. Well, I don't tell you everything--just enough to make you glad you're not me. Read it and weep.

Scaredy-Cat Stalking
Are stalkers born or made? Whos to say. I do know that Ive been cursed with an uncontrollable urge to focus unwanted attention on the unsuspecting. In the old days a.k.a last century, I published a print zine that made stalking almost cuddly (seriously). Get the dirt on who made my heart soar and my skin crawl when I was a younger version of myself.

Henry Thomas
Child stars can be a tricky lot. Yet for every hundred rotten apples, there's one delicious beauty in the bunch. I've cooled my jets, but for quite some time the sun rose and set on Henry "Lone Star" Thomas. Learn more than you ever cared to know about that dirty little kid from E.T.